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Appropriate behavior is essential for a successful learning environment and is expected at all times in the classrooms, in the school building and at off-school sites at all times.  Students will be accountable for their behaviors.  Interventions will be used to correct unacceptable behavior.  Personal accountability is demonstrated when the student: 

1.        Regularly and punctually attends all classes;


2.        Comes to class prepared with necessary books and supplies;


3.        Participates in class activities and completes all assignments;


4.        Reflects a positive and responsible attitude toward learning;


5.        Exhibits age appropriate choices, behavior and actions that lead to solutions rather than problems.


6.        Challenges himself/herself to attain exemplary education goals;


7.        Demonstrates respect for himself/herself and others;


8.        Demonstrates respect for the property of himself/herself and others;


9.        Follows rules set by the school and the classroom teacher;


10.     Accepts responsibility for his/her own belongings.


11.     Conforms to the dress code.


12.     Accepts responsibility for his/her actions.