Parent school partnerships are the cornerstone of student success. Parents/guardians of Caniff Liberty Academy are encouraged to attend school functions in the school as a condition of their child’s enrollment. A calendar will be provided to parents/guardians stating the available times and dates that parents may volunteer. Once parents receive the required legal clearance parents are encouraged to volunteer for special activities.  A parent/guardian may chaperone on field trips, supervise during special activities, assist teachers with their daily routines, monitor halls and/or lunchtime, stuff envelopes for mailing letters, etc.  Please see school administrator for further details.



Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled throughout the school year (please refer to the school calendar for specific dates).  In the event that a parent/guardian wishes to contact a teacher outside of these scheduled times, he/she may do so by contacting the office to set up a mutually convenient meeting time.


Parents must make an appointment to speak with a teacher about a child’s progress instead of simply “dropping in.”  This policy is intended to ensure confidentiality and maintain scheduled educational services. Parents may not conference with teachers before or after school without a scheduled appointment.

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